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 BREWERY The Home of the Dragons

SANDSTONE BREWERY has helped to restore a traditional craft to the town of Wrexham. Commissioned in late 2008, the 4-barrel plant is situated in a former explosives manufacturing unit on Wrexham Industrial Estate, it has also been infested with Dragons since time immemorial. Well, at  least since the beer arrived. But no one really wants to ask the Dragons how old they are; it's impolite.


We use only the finest ingredients in our Ales -  floor malted Maris Otter barley provides the bulk of our beers, with other speciality grains from Britain, Germany and Belgium. Hops are sourced worldwide, allowing us a full palate of flavours to experiment with, creating both traditional and contemporary styles of beers.


We also run the Sandstone Inn in Broxton (Between Wrexham and Nantwich on the A534) so you can be sure of a lovely pint of perfectly conditioned real ale (and some frankly stunning food) every time you visit.


Outside of the Sandstone Pub our main catchment area is Wrexham county and West Cheshire, with deliveries to Merseyside and Manchester on a regular basis. Our beers can also be obtained through wholesalers. Contact us for more details.


Brewery tours can be provided by arrangement, where we would be delighted to explain the processes and provide the odd glass of ale or five as refreshment.






 Watch the brewer this weekend:


 10th June from 5 to 9 at the Crown Hotel Nantwich


 - Stuart will be showing how you can convert your kitchen into a brewery

( to the delight of your partner!)

plus the new beer 'Morillo', postmistress and maybe even sandstone edge on the pumps (hopefully!)


 - Our New beer 'Morillo' is being launched (look out for the new style of pump clip too! Our apprentice magician has spent a long time explaining layers and colour palettes and frankly lots of other boring stuff to us as he was designing it - we didn't listen, but it looks good and frankly, that's all we really care about!


Colomondy arms, near Mold, Crown Hotel  in Nantwich, and Kinmel Arms in St george's near Rhyl, along with Bridge street Ale house  will all be selling it
in the next couple of weeks!!





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